Ali Lee responds to attacks on Instagram

Oct 10, 2019

Original article: HK01

Since June, Hong Kong has been put under a restless atmosphere because of the extradition bill conflict. Even the entertainment industry, which had seldom gotten involved in political discussions in recent years, got dragged in and many artistes expressed their opinions on the issue, triggering waves of arguments online. However, although TV Queen Ali Lee 李佳芯 has never directly taken sides on the matter, was boycotted by mainland Chinese netizens because of her earlier post urging people to register to become voters, causing them to consider her pro-independence. This caused Ali to drop in popularity quickly, and there was news that not only her work was suspended, but that she would be replaced in upcoming dramas as well. To make matters worse, Ali posted a picture on Instagram on Oct. 1 with the caption “To all of you whom I met today #AmeliasRhapsody #gayau #ALife.” Although it seemed like an ordinary post, it ended up sparking a flame war in the comments.

The argument started when a netizen identified as 9527 commented on Ali’s post, saying, “You are completely finished. How can you consider yesterday’s widespread arson and violence to be for good? Your career in showbiz is over.” These remarks caused Ali's fans to speak out in defence of their idol, explaining that the post was about her encountering colleagues from work, and had absolutely nothing to do with political affairs. But 9527 did not relent, and started responding to other netizens' comments, mainly claiming that Ali supported protesters and wreaking havoc in Hong Kong, and included personal attacks as well. At last, even Ali could not refrain from responding: "Please take note of the date of the post, and stop making false accusations for the sake of doing so, thank you." But aside from the claims made, 9527 also expressed that he or she admired Ali's acting skills and felt she was one of TVB’s top five actresses, but was disappointed by her stance on the extradition bill and the messages she posted.