Andrew Chan Reappears in Come Home Love: Lo and Behold

May 03, 2020

Andrew Chan 陳浚霆 finally makes his long-awaited comeback in Come Home Love: Lo and Behold 愛‧回家之開心速遞, where he portrays Lung Ging Fung 龍璟風, the illegitimate son of Lung Gam Wai 龍敢威 (portrayed by Lok-lam Law 羅樂林). Before Andrew's departure, he had been playing the part of Lung Ging Fung's spirit, who befriended and lived with the Hung family. It was announced this March that Andrew would be returning to the Lo and Behold cast, but it was unclear whether he would reprise his role.

In tonight's episode of the popular sitcom, Andrew, as Lung Ging Fung, appears in Hong Kong and is briefly spotted by the Hung family as he quickly leaves a restaurant. The restaurant owner chases after him and reveals that the youngster had not paid for his meal after his credit card was declined. The Hungs speculate that it might have been Ging Fung that they had seen.

Meanwhile, Max and Jenny (played by Hoffman Cheng 鄭世豪 and Vicky Chan 陳偉琪, respectively) overhear that Gam Wai had lost track of Ging Fung, who had been living in the United States since recovering from his car accident, and cancelled his credit cards and cut off all his finances in an effort to force him to resurface. Fearing that Ging Fung would return and threaten Max's position, the couple proactively finds Ging Fung and give him spending money to try to get him to leave Hong Kong. Ging Fung sees through their plan and decides to do the opposite instead.

He goes to see his father and asks to work at the company. Gam Wai is happy to hear that his son has taken an interest in the company and agrees. He arranges for Ging Fung to work at Jumbo Net 尋寶圖, the department responsible for the company's online shop. When he is introduced to the department, Mary Hung and Shu Yan Hung (portrayed by Koni Lui 呂慧儀 and Pal Sinn 單立文, respectively), who also work there, are shocked to see him, but Ging Fung does not seem to remember them...