Brian Tse Blasts Jackson Lai on Social Media, Calls Him a Liar

May 01, 2020

Original article: Ming Pao

After his girlfriend Ashley Chu 朱智賢 was exposed for cheating with married co-star Jackson Lai 黎振燁 this week, Brian Tse 謝東閔 attended a press conference with Ashley, where she apologized for her actions. Brian also took some of the blame, citing that he had been busy with work and neglected her, causing her to go astray. He made clear that he would stay by her side while the two overcome this trial together and hoped that everyone would give Ashley a chance.

Since the scandal was first reported, Jackson Lai had not made an appearance until yesterday, when he and his wife were stopped by reporters on their way to a prenatal visit. Jackson expressed confidence that he could pull himself out of his character role in the drama and return to being the man he was a few weeks ago, hinting that his relationship with Ashley had started recently.

Seemingly in response to Jackson's words, Brian posted on Instagram, asking, "How can someone, after telling so many lies, still stand out here and continue lying?" He did not specify what the lies were, but directly hashtagged Jackson in his post. Although Brian had disabled comments, many of his friends from the industry liked his post and showed their support.