Carina Zhang Lashes Out in Response to Online Bullying

May 31, 2020

Original article: HK01

Throughout Raymond Lam 林峯 and Carina Zhang 張馨月's relationship, netizens often liked to compare Carina to Raymond's ex-girlfriend, Karena Ng 吳千語. This continued even after Raymond announced that he and Carina had gotten married at the end of last year. The couple is not known to flaunt their affection for each other in public, and this month, Carina simply uploaded a picture of a bouquet of flowers with a card wishing her "Happy 520" on social media. Unexpectedly, fans of Raymond and Karena started sending Carina provoking messages, claiming that Raymond loved Karena more than her and that Carina was just a substitute, causing her to fire back angrily.

Some netizens left messages saying that Raymond still loved Karena the most and that he only decided to marry Carina because he had wanted to settle down, to which she retorted, "Are you Raymond Lam?" As further "proof", they also pointed out that Raymond had publicly declared that he loved Karena seven times and that their English names sounded very similar. Carina responded that if two people were once in a relationship with each other, then of course they would have loved each other, but she warned them to not force her to reveal the truth behind these declarations of love and claimed that she knew more than she was willing to divulge. As for her English name, Carina responded in exasperation that it was just a coincidence and that she would not change her name just because she shared a name with someone. Tired of the constant harassment on social media, she pleaded for these fans to have some self-respect, reflect on why they became fans of Raymond in the first place, and stop wasting time attacking her with baseless claims.