Come Home Love: Lo and Behold to Air 7 days a Week

Oct 26, 2019

Original article: Yahoo! HK

Koni Lui 呂慧儀, Andrea So 蘇韻姿, Mandy Lam 林淑敏, Jack Hui 許家傑 and other cast members of Come Home Love: Lo and Behold 愛.回家之開心速遞 attended a promotional activity on October 23, where it was announced that starting on January 4, 2020, the sitcom will broadcast seven days a week. At the event, everyone was dressed in Halloween-themed outfits, the most comical one being Angela Tong 湯盈盈. Pal Sinn 單立文 used makeup to turn her into a clown with a wide, bloody mouth. As revenge, Angela wiped some of the lipstick back onto Pal's face.

Regarding the new broadcast schedule, Angela expressed that the team will be very busy soon. Asked if she wanted her husband Chin Ka-lok 錢嘉樂 to guest star, she said, "Nah, he needs to take care of our daughter!" As for Koni Lui, she hoped that they could bring in more actors to join the production. She personally wants to invite Ekin Cheng 鄭伊健 and suggested that he portray brothers with Stanley Cheung 張景淳, due to his similar appearance with Stanley's character in the drama.

Asked if they would not have as much time to spend with their children, Koni lamented that she couldn't bring her son to the set because the current application procedures were tedious, while Angela said that when she used to bring her daughter, other artistes would wonder why they couldn't bring theirs. On the topic of Halloween coming up soon, Angela will take her daughter to festivities with friends to celebrate early, and joked that she would keep the clown makeup on.

As for Mandy Lam, she expressed that she was mentally prepared for the upcoming filming. Jack Hui joked that they need to be physically ready, too, because they might not get time to sleep much once filming starts. But he thinks the producer will be the most exhausted, because he has to rewatch all the scenes every night. There are many actors, but only one producer. Mandy also said that her husband did not complain about the decreased time they will get to spend with each other, and Jack said that the workload is not as bad as before, when he had to film Fist Fight 兄弟 at the same time and was flying back and forth for location shooting.

Mandy suggested that they cast someone to be Jack's ex-wife, so she can have a rival in the story. Jack hoped that Grace Wong 王君馨 would play the role. He and Grace are good friends in real life who have known each other for a long time, but have never officially worked together. Mandy responded, "Then I'll gladly make way for her!"