Corinna Chamberlain Announces Departure from TVB

May 23, 2020

Original article: HK01

Inbound Troubles 老表,你好嘢! star Corinna Chamberlain 陳明恩 announced on Instagram today that her contract with TVB has ended and that she has decided to move on. Flying Tiger II 飛虎之雷霆極戰 is her last drama production as a TVB artiste. In her post, she wrote, "I am thankful that I could take part in TVB drama, 'Flying Tiger ll' and had the chance to go to London to film!" She also expressed her thanks to TVB and all the people who taught her and gave her opportunities along the way, Virginia Lok 樂易玲, Catherina Tsang 曾勵珍, and others she worked with, including artistes, producers, directors, and other backstage staff. After taking some time to rest, Corinna plans to continue working in the performing arts but did not reveal any specific details.