G.E.M. Loses Foothold in Chinese Market?

Dec 18, 2019

Original article: HK01

Ever since G.E.M. 鄧紫棋 shot to fame from participating in I am a Singer 2 in 2014, she quickly became one of the top singers in mainland China. Aside from appearing on many variety shows, she also made #11 on the Forbes China Celebrity List in 2015, generating 62 million yuan in revenue. Popularity comes with a price, though, and G.E.M. was criticized for not valuing the Hong Kong market. However, some fans came to her defence, claiming that a lot of these decisions were controlled by her former manager, Tan Chang 張丹.

Earlier, G.E.M. was involved in a legal dispute with her former management company, resulting in the termination of her contract. Since then, she has established her own company, G.E.M. Studio, and continued to release music productions such as Miss Similar 差不多姑娘, Walk On Water, and Full Stop 句號. But a full week after the release of Full Stop, Chinese netizens noticed that the song has still not made it onto major mainland music platforms other than Apple Music, signifying that G.E.M. may be facing suppression by the platforms in China.

On the other hand, Full Stop is available on all major platforms in Hong Kong, and topped the charts on iTunes in Hong Kong, Macau, and Singapore, and on KKBox in Taiwan. It seems that after cutting ties with her former company, G.E.M. needs some time to rebuild her connections in China.