Gillian Chung and Michael Lai Divorced Since March

May 10, 2020

Original articles: Ming Pao[1] Ming Pao[2]

Married for just over a year, Michael Lai 賴弘國 revealed in an interview earlier this week that he and Gillian Chung 鍾欣潼 had divorced in March. "She doesn't love me," he added. Gillian had reportedly suggested divorce in the past, and Michael had tried to salvage the marriage, but the two ultimately decided to go their separate ways.

Emperor Entertainment Group 英皇娛樂 responded to the news on Gillian's behalf, confirming that the two have signed separation agreement papers and asking everyone to give them space. Through EEG's statement, Gillian added that getting along in a relationship was a science. Neither party holds any resentment for the other, and they will continue to respect each other. Because this was a private matter between Gillian and Michael, they will no longer respond to any further questions about their marriage.