Hoffman Cheng Films MV with On-screen Partner Vicky Chan

Aug 11, 2020

Original article: Ming Pao

Hoffman Cheng 鄭世豪 and Vicky Chan 陳偉琪 play the married couple, Max and Jenny, in Come Home Love: Lo and Behold 愛.回家之開心速遞, and although Jenny regularly calls Max useless to his face, he never complains and continues to love her wholeheartedly. Since Jenny and Max have recently separated in the storyline, Hoffman decided to help write and dedicate the lyrics of his new song, Only You Can Call Me Foolish 只准你話我是傻, to Jenny and even invited Vicky to star in the song's music video.

Hoffman personally explained the motivation behind the song. He joked that Vicky ignored him for a few days after the release of his previous new song, Waited Too Long 等得太久, and did not respond to his messages because she had been angry with him for not asking her to play the female lead in his music video. So when he learned that Max and Jenny were going to be separated for some time in Lo and Behold, he was inspired to come up with a song to commemorate their relationship and story. Hoffman added that the extra scene at the end of the music video hinted at a happy ending for the two characters and he hopes that it will carry over to the storyline in the sitcom.

Asked if there were any memorable moments from filming the music video, Hoffman revealed that because he and Vicky had been working together for some time now, they were able to coordinate the romantic scenes with each other pretty quickly. On the other hand, in one beach scene where the two had to play in the water, Hoffman had several bad takes and got Vicky all wet, causing her to once again call him her useless husband!