Jacqueline Wong Returns to Hong Kong but will not be Promoting New Drama

Dec 20, 2019

Original article: Ming Pao

After Jacqueline Wong 黃心穎 was exposed for having an affair with married Andy Hui 許志安 in April, she fled to the United States for eight months, and finally returned to Hong Kong on December 14. Coincidentally, the drama Handmaidens United 丫鬟大聯盟, in which Jacqueline plays a leading role, will soon be broadcasting, taking over Wonder Women 多功能老婆's time slot. This arrangement is rumoured to be TVB's way of testing the waters and bringing Jacqueline back.

Yiu Hing Au 歐耀興, the producer of Handmaidens United, accepted an interview and expressed that Jacqueline has not proactively reached out to the crew, and he believes that she needs more time to settle down. The company has also not arranged for her to participate in any promotional activities at this time. If she were to participate, the focus would fall on her, putting more pressure on everyone.

This drama has gone through many hurdles. Originally supposed to air during Chinese New Year earlier in 2019, it was suddenly switched out, and then due to Jacqueline's scandal in April, it was presumed to be suspended indefinitely. However, now that the series has recently been rescheduled to broadcast around New Year's, Yiu Hing Au remarked that the timing was suitable because the drama can bring happiness and entertainment to viewers amid the political turmoil in Hong Kong.

As for Kenneth Ma 馬國明, Jacqueline's now ex-boyfriend, he has declined to respond to any news regarding Jacqueline, including a rumour that she has returned to Hong Kong to try to get back together with him. Since the couple's separation, Kenneth's career has been progressing smoothly. He is in the running for this year's Best Actor award for his acting in Big White Duel 白色強人 and has been actively participating in gatherings with friends. From recent photos, it seems that Jacqueline's return has not affected his mood.