Jacqueline Wong Spotted in Forensic Heroes 4 Scenes

Mar 15, 2020

Original article: HK01

Forensic Heroes 4 法證先鋒IV has had good ratings and reputation since its premiere. Producer Mui Siu Ching 梅小青 expressed that the team spent a lot of time doing proper research to ensure the quality of the drama. Because of Jacqueline Wong 黃心穎's kissing scandal with Andy Hui 許志安 last April, Roxanne Tong 湯洛雯 was chosen as a replacement for Jacqueline's character, and Jacqueline's scenes had to be retaken before the drama could be broadcasted.

However, sharp-eyed netizens noticed traces of Jacqueline in episode 12 of the drama last week. In the scene, Roxanne's character, Chris, was in a meeting with Jerry Ku 古明華's character in his office. In one shot where Chris' back was to the camera, netizens noted that the character looked slimmer than Roxanne does in person and wore boots with high heels, but when Roxanne's Chris walked out of the office, facing the camera, her shoes had flat heels. From these observations, it is reasonable to believe that the Chris in the office and the one walking out were played by two different people.

HK01 reached out to Mui Siu Ching for answers and she confirmed netizens' suspicions: "Yes, that's Jacqueline's back. The scene involved four people, but we could only retake shots of Chris because Jerry had already changed his appearance for another series, so he couldn't change his hair and facial hair back." There were many limitations in reshooting the scenes, and it took some creativity to overcome the challenges of seamlessly connecting the new scenes to the old ones. She also said there will still be traces of Jacqueline Wong in upcoming episodes, but some have been covered up using CG.