Jinny Ng Waits 7 Years to Release Non-Drama Song

Apr 12, 2020

Original article: HK01

Having worked hard in the industry for 10 years and becoming the "number one sister" of Voice Entertainment 星夢娛樂, queen of TVB theme songs Jinny Ng 吳若希 appears to enjoy unrivalled popularity. However, behind all the glory, Jinny has always been frustrated with the fact that, since the overwhelming success of the hit song Love is Not Easy 越難越愛, almost all of her new songs were released as drama theme songs and her music has only been moving in this single direction. Because of this, Jinny felt that she could not truly call herself a singer. Last week, Jinny finally got a chance to release anon-drama single, The Fool 這位蠢才, composed by Larry Wong, directed by Schumann Lee 舒文, and lyrics written by Yiu Sum Chan 陳耀森.

In an interview earlier, Jinny cried emotionally that she had actually been fighting for this opportunity for years, so she will cherish it. "I don't know when I can release another 'non-drama song'... I'm actually really moved! After the song was released, I received a lot of messages from friends praising my singing. Thank you!" She also recounted that a friend had not listened to her songs for the past two years because most of them were drama theme songs, so they always expected her new songs to be about the same.

To an outsider, Jinny's reaction might seem exaggerated, but few people are aware that many of her existing songs were not originally slated to be featured in dramas. It was under the company's strategy to further boost the popularity of her music that they became "drama songs". Some examples of Jinny's songs that were not originally produced for drama series:

  • Always Wrong 每段愛還是錯 - sub-theme in Wonder Women 多功能老婆
  • Bleeding Rose 泣血薔薇 - sub-theme in The Exorcist’s Meter 降魔的
  • Love is Priceless 愛情無價 - ending theme in My Life As Loan Shark 街坊財爺