Joel Chan and Selena Lee promote new drama Barrack O'Karma

Sep 15, 2019

Original article: Sing Tao Daily

Joel Chan 陳山聰, Selena Lee 李施嬅, Zoie Tam 譚凱琪, Samantha Ko 高海寧, and co. attended a promotional event for new drama Barrack O’Karma 金宵大廈 on Sept. 14. Selena Lee emphasized that the drama was not a horror or ghost series, but a story of mystery, romance and passion. However, Joel recounted that the crew did encounter a supernatural event. He said, "We were not there at the time. A director’s assistant had to go to the back alley of a building to shoot a surveillance clip for the drama. After he set up the equipment, he returned to the car and waited. The car had a flat tire and it was raining, but he did not pay much attention to it at the time. After the filming was completed and he retrieved the equipment, he saw two white shadows and heard a loud noise. It turned out that a dead mouse had fallen down and he got so scared he immediately ran away."

Joel Chan also said that he was very happy he was able to work with Selena. Aside from their love storyline, they also had some passionate scenes together. When asked how passionate the scenes were, he answered, "Very passionate! Especially the part that takes place in the 60s." Selena said that she was initially worried that she could not get into character, because she had seen many of Joel's embarrassing moments. She also pointed out that Joel had once said he would get married when he became TV King, but wonders since he was now married, if he's predicting that he will become TV King this year. Joel laughed and denied this, explaining he has realized that getting married should not depend on getting an award. He added that he supports Selena in becoming TV Queen.

In addition, Zoie Tam worked with Billy Luk 陸永 (better known as 6 Wing) in the drama, and the subject matter related to using sex to change one’s fortune. She said that she did not believe in this, and she said that she was very savvy and not an ignorant young girl. She also pointed out that the bed scenes were daring, but the dialogue was funny, and felt like they were acting in a comedy. She also exposed that 6 Wing would report to his wife every time he had to film an intimate scene.