Jonathan Wong and Gloria Tang Make Dalgona Coffee and Talk Relationships

Apr 27, 2020

Original article: Ming Pao

In the drama Airport Strikers 機場特警, Jonathan Wong 王梓軒 and Gloria Tang 鄧佩儀 develop feelings for each other and share a storyline together. In a recent episode, Jonathan was especially praised by netizens for being a caring man when his character consoled Gloria's character while she was suffering from family drama. Jonathan, who is currently in Los Angeles, invited Gloria, who is in Hong Kong, to make Dalgona coffee together over live stream.

During the live broadcast, the two also discussed their past relationship experience. Jonathan openly expressed that he likes independent girls, somewhat similar to Silver, Gloria's character in the drama. He said, "Being able to persevere and pursue her dreams, despite all hardship, but also being kind to others and having a vulnerable side, a girl like this is really great!" Gloria joked that she was actually somewhat similar to Silver in real life.

Jonathan also revealed that he once confessed to a girl through a love letter. He likes creative writing and has used various methods to communicate with a girl he liked through writing. Gloria laughed as she revealed that one year, she could not find gift wrap for a present she was giving her boyfriend, so she used aluminum foil instead. Her boyfriend could not stop laughing upon receiving it, and they started using aluminum foil to wrap their gifts for each other every anniversary.