June Chan tries Bungee Dancing with Daughter

Nov 10, 2019

Original article: Sing Tao Daily

June Chan 陳琪 and her youngest daughter, Jacey, attended an opening ceremony for SDM Jazz and Ballet Academie and were invited to try bungee dancing. June expressed that she attended without initially knowing that she would have to try bungee dancing. She said, "It's pretty fun, but it would have been better if I could rehearse a bit a few days in advance. It would be no problem for someone like Grace Wong 王君馨, or maybe they want to break into the housewife market. Just now, the instructor told me you could lose 15 pounds in three months with bungee dancing. I just tried it out for a bit and worked up a sweat already, so everyone should consider giving it a try!"

When asked if she even needs to lose weight because she is so slender, June replied that weight loss is a lifelong journey for women. Although her husband, Jack Wu 胡諾言, did not request that she lose weight, June herself thought that women should keep fit, especially when they attended Joel Chan 陳山聰's wedding earlier, where the couple sat at the same table as Jack's friends from the Crazy Runner group. The girls all have good figures and the guys are all stylish, causing June to feel ashamed of her body. "My husband told me not to envy others, and that I just have to exercise. I got quiet when he asked me to join him in jogging, because I also understand that I need to exercise to maintain my figure, but I don't have an affinity with exercise, it's just not my thing." Asked how she was able to remain skinny, she answered, "Taking care of the kids is really tiring. It's gotten colder lately, so I have to get up at night to make sure everyone has enough blankets to stay warm. And then I have to do the same for my husband, so he's actually a big kid, too. Being a mom is hard work!"