Kenneth Ma and Roxanne Tong Openly Admit to Dating Rumours

Jun 13, 2020

Original article: Ming Pao

Following news of reporters catching Kenneth Ma 馬國明 spending time at Roxanne Tong 湯洛雯's home, the two quickly decided to publicly address the rumours. Kenneth and Roxanne both posted a picture of a pair of stuffed animals leaning against each other on their Instagram accounts at the same time. The stuffed animals were a unicorn, which Roxanne really likes, and a horse, representing Kenneth, whose last name means "horse." The pair wrote "Thank you for your concern" in their posts and tagged each other, confirming that they are now in a relationship. Within half an hour, both posts received over 10,000 likes, as friends in the industry and fans commented with their congratulations and blessings.

When Kenneth's ex-girlfriend Jacqueline Wong 黃心穎 was asked to comment on her good friend Roxanne becoming Kenneth's girlfriend, she replied, "I wish them good health and safety. I will leave it to them to respond to their private matters."