Louis Koo Announces his Engagement at Kay Tse’s Concert…?

Oct 12, 2019

Original article: HK01

Although Louis Koo 古天樂 has been developing his career in the film industry in recent years, everyone misses his unforgettable singing voice. After guest performing at Joey Yung 容袓兒's concert earlier, he made an appearance at Kay Tse 謝安琪's "kay… isn't me. Live 2019" concert through a projector screen, singing (A Man) A Woman and A Bathroom (一個男人) 一個女人和浴室 with Kay.

After the duet, Louis continued acting out his character in the song's story, a financial news anchor, and reported the latest financial news, speaking about falling stock prices, etc. At the end, he suddenly added "Oh yes! I just got engaged, good night, broadcast over," and the video ended, leaving the audience shocked.

Looking back at Louis Koo's love life since he debuted, only his relationship with Natalie Wong 黃紀瑩, Miss Photogenic winner of the Miss Hong Kong 1994 pageant, is most well-known among fans. The two met on the set of Happy Harmony 餐餐有宋家 the same year. While dating, Natalie reduced her workload, slowly retiring from the entertainment circle. The pair only stayed together for 7 years, but when they parted ways, Louis once said publicly, "I highly value my bonds with people. If someone helps me in my time of need, I will remember it forever. Natalie consoled and helped me in a time when I had lost all confidence. I will never let anyone hurt her in my life." It turns out that while dating, Louis was previously convicted and left with a criminal record, hurting his career tremendously. However, Natalie bravely ignored the rumours and fully supported him, causing him to feel greatly moved.

Although there has been occasional gossip about his love life all these years, among the rumours, the most probable one is his relationship with close friend Jessica Hsuan 宣萱. The two worked together on countless projects, the most memorable one being time travel drama A Step into the Past 尋秦記, where they played a pair of unlikely lovers. Recently, Louis announced that they have started working on the movie edition of A Step into the Past, and specially invited actors from the original show to star in the film. The audience should be looking forward to his relationship story with Jessica the most.

Louis and Jessica have impeccable teamwork together, since the days when they were still green in the industry, till now, as both of them have become seniors and mentors. The two have a very close friendship, in public and in private, and have remained close since leaving TVB. When Jessica was rumoured to be involved with Gallen Lo 羅嘉良 after filming Golden Faith 流金歲月 and accused of becoming the third party in his relationship, Louis supported his good friend and attended Gallen's wedding with her. Currently, Jessica has signed with Louis's management company, allowing the two to work together once again. Jessica praised the team for having a serious attitude towards work and being organized in planning, saying frankly that Louis gives her peace of mind. Look forward to their future collaborations!

As for Louis Koo's mysterious fiancée? Fans are guessing that he is probably referring to Kay Tse's character in the song. Although it was a short-lived dream, we still look forward to the day Louis Koo shares his happy news.