Mary Hon on Recovering from Meningitis

Nov 23, 2019

Original article: Ming Pao

Mary Hon 韓馬利 suffered from meningitis in August and was hospitalized for half a month. Recovering at home ever since, she made her first public appearance at a press conference on November 21.

Mary revealed that her illness was very serious when she first went to see a doctor in August because of a fever that did not subside after two days. At first she thought it was a small cold that would go away after taking some medicine, but her husband To Yin Gor 杜燕歌 insisted on taking her to the doctor's. After a check-up, Mary was admitted to hospital immediately. In the process, she was already starting to black out, and went into a coma for over a week. Mary said, "My friends told me I was lucky. Some people who suffer from meningitis go into a coma for three months, while others might not be able to move their limbs for a year. So don't underestimate a fever, everyone!"

Mary pointed out that her husband had quite a scare from the experience. In their 30 years of marriage, she had never seen him this worried about and attentive towards her. Fortunately, Mary exercises regularly and has a strong immune system, and has been recovering well. After taking antibiotics for three weeks, her body felt very tired and she even developed depression as a result. Now she has been prescribed serotonin for half a year to prevent a relapse. She is also using Chinese medicine to help her body recuperate.