Ruco Chan and Rosina Lam stay at home during pandemic

Mar 31, 2020

Original article: Ming Pao

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ruco Chan 陳展鵬 and Rosina Lam 林夏薇 are doing their part in staying home as much as possible, aside from work and, for Rosina, checking on her restaurant business.

Ruco had been busy filming Sinister Beings 逆天奇案 for several months and is using this time to bond with his baby daughter more. He said that she would already be asleep by the time he got home from work, to the point where she started to not recognize him. After increased interaction recently, their relationship has gotten better. Ruco revealed that for his daughter's first birthday, the family of three celebrated at home by throwing a small unicorn-themed party.

Rosina expressed that her dog was bored from staying at home every day, so she trained it to use the treadmill to release some energy. The dog was very smart and was able to keep up with the treadmill's speed, even when she increased the speed!