Selena Lee to Film Barrack O'Karma Sequel

Jun 16, 2020

Original article: Ming Pao

Following Barrack O'Karma 金宵大廈's unexpected success last year, TVB's Deputy General Manager of Programme and Production Felix To 杜之克 announced that the television station had decided to film a sequel. At the time, Joel Chan 陳山聰 expressed that the filming schedule would depend on Selena Lee 李施嬅's availability since she had already left the station.

Yesterday, Selena finally confirmed in an Instagram post that she would be returning to film Barrack O'Karma 2. "Smiling and thinking about my roles for Season 2 ...yes it’s official!!!" she wrote excitedly. While her contract and schedule were under negotiation, everyone had been urging her to return for the sequel. In her post, she added, "Ah Siu, I'm coming back to find you," referring to Joel's character in Barrack O'Karma, to which Joel joked in reply, "I've been waiting for you."