TVB Anniversary Awards 2019 Winners Announced

Jan 13, 2020

Original article: Ming Pao

The TVB Anniversary Awards 2019 萬千星輝頒獎典禮 were presented at TVB City on January 12. The winners were as follows:

  • Lifetime Achievement Award: Lau Dan 劉丹
  • Best Improved Male Artiste: Owen Cheung 張振朗
  • Best Improved Female Artiste: Kelly Cheung 張曦雯
  • Best Supporting Actress: Candice Chiu 趙希洛
  • Best Supporting Actor: Kalok Chow 周嘉洛
  • Most Popular On-Screen Partnership: Selena Lee 李施嬅 and Joel Chan 陳山聰
  • Best Variety Show: Faraway Brides 嫁到這世界邊端, Do Do Midnight Quests 晚間看地球, Sammy On The Go 森美旅行團, Here We Go Again 出走澳洲, A Chef and A Gentleman 懿想得到
  • Best Host: Liza Wang 汪明荃, Dickson Yu 余德丞, William So 蘇永康, and Sammy Leung 森美 for Liza’s Online 娛樂大家
  • Most Popular Drama Theme Song: Let Love Fly 讓愛高飛 by Pakho Chau 周柏豪
  • Most Popular Male Character: Pakho Chau 周柏豪 as Wing Ho-Tin 榮浩田 in Wonder Women 多功能老婆
  • Best Actor: Kenneth Ma 馬國明
  • Most Popular Female Character: Selena Lee 李施嬅 as Alex/Coco 章瑋/楊玉華 in Barrack O'Karma 金宵大廈, Miriam Yeung 楊千嬅 as Lam Fei 藍飛 in Wonder Women 多功能老婆
  • Best Actress: Kara Wai 惠英紅
  • Best Drama Series: Big White Duel 白色強人

This year, Kenneth Ma has finally won the Best Actor award after having been nominated for the award 12 times. Another surprising highlight was that, for the first time, there were two winners for the Most Popular Female Character award. Joe Ma 馬德鐘 and Vincent Wong 王浩信 first announced Selena Lee as the winner of the award and were then asked to announce the second winner, Miriam Yeung.

Congratulations to all the winners!