TVB Pre-records Anniversary Gala

Nov 19, 2019

Original article: Ming Pao

In light of the political unrest in Hong Kong, TVB decided to change the name of this year's Anniversary Gala, the new name roughly translating to Treasure Hong Kong, Providing Entertainment for 52 Years. The TV station had become a target for netizens amid the protests earlier, so to ensure that the celebration will go smoothly, participating artistes were summoned for a recorded "full dress rehearsal" last night, where they performed the annual light switching ceremony and gathered for the group photo with TVB executives.

Yesterday, the security at TVB City was particularly strict. The main entrance to Studio 1 was blocked off, with a sign prohibiting reporters from entering. It turns out the artistes were preparing for the opening ceremony. It was rumoured that all artistes received orders to be discreet about the event when speaking with the media. Ali Lee 李佳芯 also participated in the rehearsal, but was not seen in full dress. She expressed that she has attended the Gala for the past few years now, and that thinking back to how she went from standing in the corner to standing in the front row of the group photo made her feel very emotional, as if watching her growth throughout the years. She said, "I don't actually care about the standing arrangement, but sometimes I feel like I've gotten old! I used to have the mentality of a little girl, but that's something every artiste goes through."

"Bad Luck King" Owen Cheung 張振朗 and Shing Mak 麥秋成 also rehearsed for a dance performance two days ago, but Owen was rumoured to be struck on the head by a suspended video recorder and sent to the hospital. Last night, he clarified, saying, "Thank you for your concern. It was not as serious as the reports claimed, it was just my shoulder that was struck. No need to worry too much, I will continue rehearsing."