Vincy Chan Holds Concert on her Birthday

Oct 20, 2019

Original articles: Part 1, Part 2

Vincy Chan 泳兒 held a concert on her birthday, October 16, at Star Hall. This was the first concert she's had in three years since losing her voice. The concert opened with Vincy entering the stage in a mysterious black lace outfit with a large wide brimmed hat, singing some of her darker, more rock-style songs, including her new song Wild Magnolia 野木蘭. After the first segment, she changed into an all-white layered outfit and sang some slow songs. Combined with stage props like the projected stained glass windows and falling snow, Vincy had an angel-like appearance while she sang the classic Flowers Without Snow 花無雪, drawing much applause from the audience. Fans also shouted "Happy Birthday!" in between songs to their idol.

Vincy also invited guest performers, first singing Perfect Love 十分愛 with Alex Fong 方力申. After the duet, Alex wished Vincy a happy birthday, and asked why she chose him to perform at her concert. Before she had the chance to reply, Alex pulled out his smartphone and played the voice message of Vincy shyly and politely asking if he had time and if he would be interested in guest performing. Vincy laughed and replied that she just wanted to invite some big, muscular guys. Before Alex moved on to his solo performance, he suddenly asked, "What do we have in common?" Vincy guessed, "I'm called 'Wing Yee' 泳兒 ('Wing' means 'swim') and you like swimming?" Alex replied, "That's not what I'm thinking of! It's because I'm called 'Siu Fong' 小方 ('Siu' is usually used as a prefix in childrens' names) and you're called 'Wing Yee' ('Yee' means 'child'), so we're both children!" bringing both Vincy and the audience to tears of laughter.

The next segment featured pole dancing with a muscular male dancer while singing some of Vincy's more provocative songs, including her latest single Fickle 花心. Although her dance moves were not as complex as the dancer's, the performance still had a very sexy feeling. Near the end of the segment, Vincy said, "I chose only one song by another artist to perform for this concert, because a lot of fans have expressed that they want to hear more of my own songs, but I want to sing the following song for the fans who have supported me for a long time. Whether you supported me from the very beginning, or started to like me somewhere along the way, I'm very thankful for all your support in the last 13 years since my debut!" and sang Karen Mok 莫文蔚's Slowly Falling for You 慢慢喜歡你.

In the next segment, Vincy changed into a top with large pink ruffled sleeves and high waist denim shorts, performing some fast songs with four female dancers. She also invited second guest performer Kenny Kwan 關智斌 to sing Prophecy 預言書 together. After the song, Vincy shared how she felt touched by the song, because the highs and lows described in the lyrics resonated with her past experiences, and thanked Kenny for taking the time to attend the concert. He replied that it was no problem, but just like Alex, he was curious as to why she invited him to guest perform, because their paths don't usually cross. Vincy revealed that when she competed in the New Talent Singing Awards competition 新秀歌唱大賽 before her debut, Kenny was the first singer she ever duetted with. After Kenny led fans in singing Happy Birthday to Vincy, she added, "I actually have another selfish motive for inviting you here today. It's because you held a concert in October at Star Hall last year, and next year, you get to perform at the Hong Kong Coliseum, so I wanted some of your good fortune to rub off on me!" and started reaching out with her hand. Kenny took her hand and put it to his chest, saying, "Don't be shy!" and humourously helped her rub his chest for luck. He added, "I actually have a small gift for you!" and took out a small model of the Coliseum that he had personally selected and assembled. "I know you have a big dream to perform on a big stage, so I spent the afternoon putting this together, but I realized after assembling it that it's really small. Now that you have this, you don't need to rub me for luck anymore. I give you this small one for now, but when you get up there later I'll give you a bigger one!" How sweet of Kenny!

Lastly, after changing into an abstract orange dress, Vincy shared with fans her experiences ever since losing her voice. "I made a wish at the beginning of this year to be able to have my own solo concert this year. Although it's not my first time holding a concert, it has already been three years since I was able to meet with fans this way." Thinking back to losing her voice and facing skin issues, Vincy teared up and said, "But no matter how many hurdles there are, you have to have faith, faith that you will get through it all. Thank you to all the friends around me. It doesn't matter how badly you fall, as long as you can pick yourself up!" and sang two more songs, ending with one of her best-known songs, Feeling 感應.

At the end of the concert, guest performers Alex and Kenny reappeared onstage to celebrate Vincy's birthday together. When asked about her feelings on holding this concert, Vincy expressed that when she lost her voice, she didn't know what to do because she couldn't find the cause of the problem, and didn't know when she would be able to sing again. When she could finally sing again, she didn't know if she could complete an entire concert, "So as soon as my voice came back, I really wanted to share it with my fans via a concert!" She added that she originally wanted to have it in November, but because of venue scheduling issues, she chose to have it on her birthday in October instead, making it the best gift for her and her fans.

Pictures in this article are from EEG (Emperor Entertainment Group)'s official Instagram account.