Vivian Chow Praises Steven Ma for having "Guts"

Oct 31, 2019

Original article: HK01

Steven Ma 馬浚偉 held his first solo concert in 26 years, Dream Big Steven Ma in Concert 2019 at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and invited his Idol Vivian Chow 周慧敏 to be a special guest. After the concert Vivian posted on Facebook, praising that Steven was a one-of-a-kind artist. She shared, "I took the opportunity on the stage today to thank Steven. He has been a very loyal supporter of mine ever since I debuted up until now. I remember when I performed in Hong Kong last year that Steven was in the front row and I could see from the stage that he raised a self-made light sign countless times to show his support. As an artist himself, daring to do so really takes guts and I felt really touched."

In recent years, Steven has been working non-stop. Not only did he self-direct and star in a stage play and film his own movie for the first time, he also went to Beijing to study business and earn an EMBA. Vivian admired his passion and drive towards life as well: "Whenever he shares his life stories with us, whether as a boss, an actor, a producer, a screenwriter, a singer, a student, etc. he brings us a lot of positive energy, and we can see God’s full grace from his experiences. May the Father continue to use his life as His most beautiful testimony."